Monday, February 16, 2015

The most important wget command line options (flags)

Note to self: remember those wget flags and you'll be fine:
-r, --recursive specify recursive download. -H, --span-hosts go to foreign hosts when recursive. -l, --level=NUMBER maximum recursion depth (inf or 0 for infinite). -np, --no-parent don't ascend to the parent directory. -nd, --no-directories don't create directories. -x, --force-directories force creation of directories. -nc, --no-clobber skip downloads that would download to existing files. -k, --convert-links make links in downloaded HTML point to local files. -p, --page-requisites get all images, etc. needed to display HTML page. -A, --accept=LIST comma-separated list of accepted extensions. -R, --reject=LIST comma-separated list of rejected extensions. -w, --wait=SECONDS wait SECONDS between retrievals.

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