Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Creating Excel (.xlsx) files with Oracle PL/SQL

The XLSX Excel file format is actually a zipped archive of some xml files with the suffix .xlsx rather than .zip This makes it possible to create XLSX files with (almost) any programming language that can create files and zip them. Since I am working with PL/SQL every now and then and I needed to create xlsx files for a reporting solution, I crated a small library: XLSX writer for Oracle. The source code for this library is on this github repository, some examples are on my homepage.


  1. Hello Rene, I'm trying your package but generates error declaration zipper (AddFile, finish)

  2. Hi Rene, I'm also getting the same error with zipper. Can you please add source for zipper as well?

  3. Hi how can i write to existing excel template?
    Many thanks

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