Sunday, September 7, 2014

Codesnippet for using sqlite with Python

This is a code snippet intented to demonstrate the use use of the sqlite3 module in Python:
import sqlite3
import os.path

if os.path.isfile('foo.db'):

db = sqlite3.connect('foo.db')

cur = db.cursor()

cur.execute('create table bar (a number, b varchar)')

cur.execute("insert into bar values (2, 'two')")

cur.execute('insert into bar values (?, ?)', (42, 'forty-two'))

cur.executemany('insert into bar values (?, ?)', [
  (4, 'four'),
  (5, 'five'),
  (7, 'seven'),
  (9, 'nine')

for row in cur.execute('select * from bar order by a'):  
    print "%2d: %s" % (row[0], row[1])

Github link to script

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