Monday, September 8, 2014

Sihleggstrasse 23, 8832 Wollerau

Switzerlands Zefix, the central index of companies (zentraler Firmenindex), is downloadable with FTP. This is of course an invitation to create a script that determines the address at which most Swiss companies are registered. Not surprisingly, this is in Wollerau, more precisly at
Sihleggstrasse 23
8832 Wollerau

At this address, 328 companies are registered!
For the reference, here's the list of the top twenty company addresses in Switzerland:
Registered companiesStreetLocation
328Sihleggstrasse 238832 Wollerau
304Murbacherstrasse 376003 Luzern
222Technoparkstrasse 18005 Zürich
203Gewerbestrasse 56330 Cham
201Baarerstrasse 756300 Zug
201Chamerstrasse 1726300 Zug
188Neuhofstrasse 5A6340 Baar
185Industriestrasse 476300 Zug
182Chemin du Château 26 A2805 Soyhières
163Riva Albertolli 16900 Lugano
162Haldenstrasse 56340 Baar
157Churerstrasse 359470 Buchs
157Dammstrasse 196300 Zug
156Rue du Rhône 1001204 Genève
156Weissbadstrasse 149050 Appenzell
149Poststrasse 66300 Zug
148Baarerstrasse 786300 Zug
145Industriestrasse 216055 Alpnach Dorf
144Oberneuhofstrasse 56340 Baar
140Baarerstrasse 26300 Zug
Note how many companies are registered in Zug.

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