Monday, September 22, 2014

Parsing an Open Street Map pbf file with Python

Chris Hill at has written a parser in Python for open street map pbf files. His parser is free software, so I used this liberty to adapt it for my needs. In particular, his script either collects osm node, way and relation data either in memory (which is a problem for big pbf files) or it emits xml files with the osm data. I have changed his script so that I can pass three callback functions that are invoked as soon as the parser finished with one of the three fundamental osm type node, way or relation.

Here's a template that can be used to write a script that uses my adaption of the parser:

import OSMpbfParser def callback_node(node): do_something_with(node) def callback_way(way): do_something_with(way) def callback_relation(relation): do_something_with(relation) OSMpbfParser.go( 'the-file-to-be-parsed.pbf', callback_node, callback_way, callback_relation)

Each of the callback functions has exactly one parameter that corresponds to the classes OSMNode, OSMWay and OSMRelation (see the source at github).

Installing google's protocol buffers

To parse pbf files, google's protocol buffers are needed. The can be optained from
For Windows, I downloaded which contains one file: protoc.exe. After extracting this file, the environment variable PATH should be changed so that it points to the directory with protoc.exe.

For the python installation, the full source protobuf-2.5.0.tar.bz2 is also needed. After extracting them, cd into the python directory and execute:

cd protobuf-2.5.0\protobuf-2.5.0\python python build python test python install
Source code on github

convert pbf files to xml

OpenStreetMap: convert an pbf to an sqlite database with Python

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